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Here you will find tips for Bass fishing Lake Guntersville. I have gone into great detail to help you the best I can. 

Read through the trends table and click lures for more information.


Updated 2/19/2021

 Still true >> Bass are on Swimbaits and lipless pretty good,






















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Shad Colors Mostly, Blue orange and chartreuse backs

Light line. Fish as slow as you can once bait reaches bottom or cover. 10 - 12lbs. line 8-14 Fishing small to medium crankbaits over hydrilla beds. If you just fish it slow and stop retrieving when you feel the hydrilla you can avoid hanging the grass.  - - - Points where bait fish are present.
Spinnerbaits Big thumpers in mostly gold and Chartreuse/white and all white during low light conditions. Slow Retrieve. Tip that grass now! 4-16

Fish over grass off into open water. Find isolated hydrilla clumps and fish around them as if the were stumps

- -

Deeper grass on points and ledges. Look for shad following your bait.
Carolina Rig Black, June Bug and Pumpkin.  On hot days this simply works. 10-17
Super shallow now too.
Best way in the world to catch bass of all sizes here, year round. - -   Primary points and drops leading into pockets, coves and creeks. Irregular features along old river channel.


Gold, Chrome and Chartreuse

Oh and did I mention white. 

1/4 - 3/4 oz.

Good Hooks, tender sweeping hook sets. 6-8 Ok, if you are reading this you are looking for ways to catch fish. This may be the best way to do it in winter and spring. - - - Anywhere water is 12 foot or less. Over grass edges.
 Jerkbaits / SwimBaits White or Shad Colors Light line and good hooks. Long pauses. 2-12 Make sure lure is running within 3 feet of the bottom or the grass.  - - Anywhere water is 10 foot or less. Or over clear deep water.

Black/Black or Brown and maybe some red mixed in. 3/8 or 1/2 oz.

Need Pumpkin and green pumpkin now too.

Flipping dock and grass lines. 6-18 Get out the map and look for places where wood cove will likely be found, anywhere from 7 - 25 feet deep. - - - Main lake points and any cover you find. My advise with a jig is to keep one tied on and try it every where you fish.

Texas Rigs

Tie up a worm or lizard on lighter line and weight. Say 1/8-5/16 oz. Set hook twice with short bursts. 10-14 Work over grass pausing often. Big fish like it slow. You must use these baits before eliminating any area. - -   Whole darn lake.
BuzzBaits Great during lower light, use chartreuse for sunny attempts. And Black any time they seem to miss other colors - 17-25 Anywhere grass is seen but yet you can get the bait through. - - - -
Poppers Greatest top water bait there is try it here much and you will see. Feel the fish then set the hook. 12-17 Really will be good till frost. - - - -
Spooks ? Stickbaits Not as good, as often, but will bring bigger and more determined fish. - - - - -   -

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