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Lets talk for just a minute about Guntersville and it's grass. To fish Guntersville this time of year you almost have no choice but to understand grass. On the image above we have tried to outline what to look for when fishing the lures show below. It is interesting to see how many times these grass conditions repeat all over the lake

Top Lures To Try:

At the present time spinner baits seem to be working better downsized a bit. Sizes seem to be # 2-4 Blades in both Silver and Gold. White skirt color also seems better. Lighter lead sizes 1/4 - 3/8 with a slow presentation. Look for areas similar to (C). Fish slow enough to Feel the grass. Cast should land several feet into scattered grass and be retrieved slow and deep to tap the deep grass. Another great way to fish the same baits is casting into scattered grass (B) and fished just under the surface. This can be awesome fun since you usually see the strikes
OH YEAH! Its Ratting time on Guntersville. Water temps dropping into the upper 70's and left over mats of grass. A match made in heaven. White, Black, brown chartreuse. Just swap up. Color is not nearly as important as location. First of all try fishing the mats of grass with edges closed to deep water with very little scattered grass. (A). Each week the mats will become less and less which can bunch up the fish. The main catch here will be who is willing to cover the most water. Who ever that is will be on the best rat fishing. Fish fast till you get a bite. Make long cast. Remember that most fish will hit more than once. So give the poor fish a chance to get it. Popping style rats seem to be doing better in the matted slime.
Rattle Traps are produce right now too. Its like its spring. Fish do seem to be wanting it slower due to the early fall temps we are having. Fall has arrived with a bang. While that's good it is happening rather fast!
Few Fish were caught on buzz baits early but clear water and the sun prevailed this weekend. Small buzz Baits are much better right now! Look for submerge grass like in area (B). Great pattern is throwing to matted grass (A) and retrieving over large areas. Bass seem to really like these baits loud right now
Fish are hitting soft jerk baits well too. Flukes and slug-go are first in line. Basic shad colors are working well as are odd colors like bubble gum and yellow . These lures catch fish in all areas from jerking them across the mats like a rat, to adding some weight to fish grass you can not even see. Allow bait to remain still for a few seconds from time to time. Fishing them with a heavy hook like a 4/0 without any other weight will force you to fish them slower.  

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