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As the votes showed in the discussion forum, the jig is very popular on Guntersville. It is a big fish technique, so to not fish with it might be a "big" mistake. This is especially true if you are already catching bass in a certain area. The old trusted black and blue jig is very hard to beat anytime of year. Swimming a jig is also a great way to try to catch bass over submerged grass beds. You do this by using a jig about 1/4 - 3/8oz and just try to wind and wiggle the jig over the hidden grass without hanging too much of it. I also  love casting a 1/2oz jig on 14 pound test just about anywhere. I also use a 1/4oz jig in either black/blue or all green pumpkin to swim over the grass. In some cases it seems to help if you use rubber trailers that have been dipped in chartreuse die, to mimic a blue gill. Fish docks, grass beds and any cover you fish for some jig bites. No need to show any maps for this lure because you need to try it in all the other places. This year it is my plan to keep one tied on all day. Which I hate to admit that I have not in recent years.


Thanks Everyone! Your support is what keeps me trying harder with each update!

Fishing Lake Guntersville Main Site > Lure Index Table > Jigs


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