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Well, I will be casting a spinnerbait a whole bunch! This happens to be not only a great way to fish anywhere, it is ideal for a lake with lots of grass. In any given day you might see me fishing a 1/4oz bait up in 1 foot of water and moving to slow-roll a 1oz bait off into 20 feet.

I am not going into detail on all the different ways to fish a spinnerbait of Guntersville lake, just the best ways.

The best way is to come just inches over the grass making contact about every 5 - 10 turns of your handle. You might say "no kidding"

Now, lets talk about how hard this can be to actually do.

Grass on the edge of the river channel. Notice how fast the bottom drops off? Well most anglers would not fish a spinnerbait slow enough to follow the grass as it tapers off into the deeper water. Sometimes the grass is thicker in 12 foot than 10. This requires the proper speed of retrieve as well as a bait of 1/2 or larger in weight.

Grass on the back side of the main river channel grass line. These places are very hard to fish properly since the backs side depths and grass lines very so much. The grass you "can see" is the obvious. but it is the grass you can't see that you do not want to over look

Secondary grass points. The grass here may grow out as far as 12 feet or more. Not to mention there may be clumps of grass hidden out in deeper water on little humps. Many times the points may have shallow areas where the grass may grow undetected. Again the grass in 3 feet is not your target.


Fishing Lake Guntersville Main Site > Lure Index Table > Spinnerbaits

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