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Hi, My name is Dennis . My bass club is coming to
Guntersville to start our 2003 fishing year in the month of March. No one in our club has fished the lake to my knowledge. We have heard that lake Guntersville is a awesome spring time experience.
    We generally go south to try and find some warmer weather .It is sometimes snowing up in the mountains of south west Virginia were our club is from.
   Our usually scheduled  trip is lake Murray but as you probably have heard the lake is down about 40' for dam repairs.
   I am looking for some fishing information for the lake for the first part of March which should be pre-spawn. interested in buying some techniques  or how-to videos.]

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply:  All I can say is keep and eye on the site. I am pouring all I have into it and the all new should be up before 1/15/03. Plus, send me an e-mail right before you come for more updates.
Thanks for Fishing Lake Guntersville.

(12/13/02) I have been looking for a guide service on the web for this lake, and have only found one! Unfortunately it
wasn't on your site, as I can't seem to find any here. Am I overlooking them, or is there none? Could you help me out with any guide services you know
of? Do you have any information on Tee's Bait & Guide Service Maybe they would be interested in advertising on your
site. I would appreciate any help you can cast my way.

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: Tee is a super guy if you want to try him or go here:
http://www.anglingalabama.com/ Please let me know if they can help you and give them the good word about us.



    I’m the guy who contacted you about three weeks ago, begging for some Big G. tips.  Well, thanks to your response, my buddy and I were able to chalk the 566 mile trip as a success!  It started out a little rough, but overall was well worth it!  If you’d like, click here for some photos and his commentary on our trip… What an outstanding fishery this appears to be; you’ve really got it made down here!  You gave us some great ideas, and we really appreciate the time you took to respond.  We’ve pretty much decided to come down again, as soon as possible! Tight lines,

            Chris & Mark

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: Nice Fish

My partner and I will be fishing in the Armed Forces DOD tournament (31 March- 4 April). Now providing we are not interrupted by Sadam we would love to catch some fish and place well. We will be traveling from Missouri (home of the B-2 Stealth Bomber) and the practice days will be our only look at the lake. Do you have any information that may help???????????? Thanks a Bunch.

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: Sorry so long to reply, just keep an eye on the site as fishing tips become more and more helpful.

(12/09/02) Hi!

I want commend you on a fishing site that is the most informative and helpful I have seen in quite a while. I intend to fish Guntersville over the winter months. It is not that often I get to fish a new lake and get so much information that is helpful for a first time lake visitor. Do you have any suggestions as to where to stay that is a central location regarding fishing areas. This time of year I prefer not to travel great distances in the boat if I can help it. Any information would be helpful if you can. Thanks for your help in advance.


I am looking for a comfortable place not too far from ramps if possible.



Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: Sorry it took so long to reply we have been overhauling the web site. We have many new areas including many more accommodation information so please stop back by.


(11/29/02) Jason,  On the tournament schedule page would you change Lake Guntersville Ala. to read "13th Annual DoD Team Bass Tournament. You're website has so far been a great success.  Ever since you linked us my e-mail traffic has slowed down due to the information your link  supplies.  Thanks again for the Super job! Hugh

(11/19/02) dear sir we are planning on fishing Friday sat. sun. of this week .could you tell us if the fish are on the main lake or in the creeks and the water temp. and the

best baits for this time of season would be very appreciative thanks steve


Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply:  Well according to the weatherman you are in for a rough weekend wind and cold wise.
Please read our forum and tips page since I am still fishing the same way, going into detail here would be just repeating.
If the wind will allow do try flipping any left over river grass matts with heavy weighted worm, my best pattern all fall.
I like spoons, jigs and spinnerbaits for winter here. The weather gets darn right nasty but I fell the fish slow up only some and can still be caught by just fishing slower. I think they never really go into a habitation type of activity, They slow down during the worst times but feed as soon as it gets a tad better.

(11/13/02) Hi! 

   My name is Chris .  I am a casual Bass fisherman, only occasionally fishing local tournaments (with average results!)  I reside in Columbus , Ohio .  

      Three months ago, I made a new buddy on the internet, via Bass Fishing Homepage .  Turned out we only live a few miles from one another.  He is a big-wig with IBM, and we are the exact same age (38). 

   I feel that I was a contributing factor in causing him to purchase thousands of dollars worth of new gear.  Although I personally can t afford the stuff.  He now has about six G-Loomis rods, and four or five highest-end Shimano baitcaster and spinning reels ($300+, each!)  And of course, he bought countless lures that I recommended from my past experiences. 

   Just before I met him, he bought a 2000 Bass Tracker with a 9.9 motor, hoping to fish a local lake that is close by both of us. I believe I had something to do with his latest boat choice, a 2001 19 foot Triton with a Merc 175!  Now he wants to try it out, but it has gotten too cold in Ohio .  He did a bit of research, and came up with Lake Guntersville .  So now, we will be down there December 5, 6, 7 and 8.  We are staying in Goosepond Colony, in a large cabin, and are really looking forward to the trip!

    I stumbled across this website, and am totally impressed with the layout and information offered!  I was really worried though that the most recent information includes only Sept., Oct., and Nov.  Does that mean early Dec. could very well be a lousy time to come down?

    Although I have been his mentor over the last couple months, he is now taking me out of my well-learned habitat.  Here s the bottom line:  Would you be willing to share a couple of late season tactics on this wonderful looking lake?  We are strictly catch and release , and probably won t be back down again for quite some time.

    Do you think we will have any chance with artificial lures?  Up here this late in the season I throw Black/Blue Jig-n-Craw, Carolina rigged Zoom pearl white Flukes, Cicada, firetiger crankbaits etc. 

    Or, shall we plan on using live bait?  I know it s kind of taboo to ask a fellow Bass fisherman for advice on location, but could you possibly disclose a couple ideas?  I can t tell you how much it would mean to me to be able to come down to your outstanding fishery, and somehow do well.

   He s got a detailed map coming, but I must admit that I m a little nervous.  1)  He has little experience in such a fast boat, 2) Neither of us have much experience on such an unfamiliar lake.  Any words of wisdom would be cherished.

    If you have a moment in the next few days, could you drop me a line?

Best regards, see you on the water?     Chris

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: Well, may I begin by saying thanks for your interest in our lake as well as the Site. Fishing in early December should not be a problem for the fish that is! Our weather is quite strange and you could see anything for 25 degrees with 30 North East wind to 72 and calm wind. We never seem to know what's next. If yall have to go on exact dates then just hope for the best.
As far as running the new boat, well hang on!!! And wear life jackets!!! Rule of thumb is "if there is a buoy there, -- theres a good reason for it.
Most of the time one will be ok just staying away from areas on the map under the 5-7 foot contours. Not a lot of hazards here but there is a few, just be careful.

(11/12/02) Jason!

   Thanks for taking the time to offer a personal response to my e-mail!  Do you fish tournaments here during the season?  Any respectable finishes?

   I am a Bass junkie, and ‘though it was 39 degrees up here today, with water temps in the high 40s, I still braved two different lakes!  Got a 24”, 6 lb. Saugeye yesterday- along with three tiny Bass.  No fish at all today however.  Attached is a pic of a fish I got two years ago during this same week, which is why I keep trying so late in the season! One last request- could you drop me a quick line in regards to any local Pubs we might patronize?  I guess Ruby Tuesday’s is nearby, but I am looking for an even more casual establishment, with local clients (male and female) to interact with.  We will probably eat and drink here every evening after we get off the water.  It would be cool to bump into you, too!  Any suggestions?

   Best regards, Chris

(11/12/02) Sir,

    I am in the military and stationed at fort Knox and will be coming to fish lake Guntersville 30 mar - 4 Apr for an armed forces bass tournament, providing I am not in Iraq, and was wondering if you had any info that could help me out for this time of the year? Thanks for your time.


Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: 

Well here is what it was that time last spring. Main pattern I fished a Carolina rig with green pumpkin lizard on grass edges next to spawning areas. Usually about 8 foot of water. My cast world land in underwater grass and be worked into the clear. I also did well running a spinner bait, rattle trap and swimming a worm over the river channel grass. I caught large numbers of fish running the slightly deeper banks with a Super Fluke. Please check back with me as time gets closer for a more up to date response.


(10/20/02) Hey Jason (and Kenneth!)...I've thoroughly enjoyed your website, and believe I've benefited from it, as well.  My husband and I went up to Guntersville in March of 2002 and had a fantastic time!  (Caught 308 brim!)  Unfortunately, he was severely injured at work in April and nearly totally blinded, but we are going to try it again in about three weeks...  only difference is, this time, I'll be driving the truck and the boat!!!  I've looked on your website, and have found it to be a source of a lot of info that I needed.  Last time, we stayed at Lake Lodge, but this time, due to circumstances beyond our control, we'll be staying at the park, in a campsite.  Your website has provided invaluable info.  Thanks so much for all that you have put into it. Now.......perhaps you can help me again!  :)  How is the fishing, or how do you expect it to be in about three weeks?  How about the crappie?  Your website didn't seem to mention anything about them!  My first dealings with crappie was last March, and I found it exhilarating!!!  Looking forward to checking that out again!  Hope to get a response to this soon, and if I've hit the "500" word mark, also look forward to a hat!!!!!!!! lol!  See ya'll soon!

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Well I look For fishing to be great till X-Mass. Fishing should be great in about 3 weeks as you mentioned, contact me again a few days before departure for update. I do not crappie fish, but do want to help the ones that do. The information I provide on our web site I bring to all as I experience them. I do not want to ever guess or go by just here say. I would rather leave something out than to say it is true unless I have seen it for myself. I do have a good friend that Crappie fishes often but he will not let many secrets out. But I did see here was fishing in about 12 foot using one of those tiny Bass Assassin type baits. Good Luck to You! Jason

(10/20/02) Will be there 10/23 to fish for 10 days and would like current lake conditions 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Just added the new water tips. http://www.fishinglakeguntersville.com/water.htm Also I did well this weekend. I stayed on the river channel both days catching bass flipping the hydrilla with a worm rigged Texas with 3/4 oz weight, and throwing a buzzbait for many hours it seems. Good luck to you. Jason

(10/15/025) Just a quick note to say thanks for the first rate info on your site.  I'm in a bass club from the Atlanta area and we came over to Guntersville this last weekend for a tourney. Using info from your site, I had my best finish to date in this club. I recently moved to Atlanta from the north and had never seen Guntersville before, but I knew of its reputation. I fished some spots from your marked lake maps and found fish in almost all of them. The frog fishing just wasn't working for me so I grabbed a white spinnerbait and started catching fish on the outside edge of the weeds in about 6-8 feet of water the first two days. The weather on Sunday changed everything though. I ended up with 4 keepers and numerous shorts by throwing the spinnerbait up into 6 inches of water along the banks and burning it over the ultra shallow flats. Great fun. Keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll be back over there soon. 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:

Hey man great news. I love to here from people that do well on Lake Guntersville. I marked those maps from prior experiences and do hope many can benefit from them. Thank you for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville


P.S. It is visitors such as yourself that make me want to keep the site going and make it better than ever, thanks again!

(9/30/02) Some friends and I are driving down from KY to fish for a week October 14.   We are staying in the Holiday Inn in Guntersville.  How is the fall fishing on this end of the lake?  Would we be better of fishing up north? 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: I would look into sebold creek and the back water coves along what is called Murphy hill which is to the right side of the lake headed up. This across the lake and up slight from Mill Creek. See it here: http://www.fishinglakeguntersville.com/mill_creek.htm
Other good areas just down for where you are staying: http://www.fishinglakeguntersville.com/browns_creek.htm
Good Luck to you

(9/30/02) I am planning on fishing Guntersville on Oct.17th and 18th. I am from Indiana and have always wanted to fish where the rat was born. I am a teacher and a coach. We will be out of school those two days, so I decided to ask my friend to go with me. He is an older gentleman and has not been in good health. I would like to know where to stay and launch. I know this is a big lake and would like to have some areas to fish and what lures to fish. How far is Guntersville from Louisville, Ky? Thank you for your information. Tight lines and God Bless.  Don

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Well as far as a place to stay I would call here first for a cabin right on the water at Ossa Win Tha resort.  Here is their Phone # 256-582-4595
Next I would look to the State Park as a place to stay. http://www.dcnr.state.al.us/Parks/lake_guntersville_1a.html or try http://www.goosepond.org/ These places should give you a better than motel stay while here. I would not want to stay at a motel if I could afford something better. One other place is 256-582-6060 they only have 2 rooms and are likely booked, but worth a shot.
If no luck at these then you could check out the Hotel page of our site for more options.
As far as the fishing is concerned our fishing tips page has been updated to show what should work around the time you stated.
I feel one has a good shot to do well I any area of the lake, I would just pick an area and spend enough time there to really check it out.
This is where the rat was born but rat fishing is either great or not worth a flip so try it but keep your options open.
Milage about 350 is my guess
Map quest Map
Good luck and Let us know if we can provide more help!

(9/28/02) Great web site. Why don't you show your favorite or great spots on the upper part of the lake. It seems to stop about Scottsboro. There is some great fishing up river especially in the spring. What do you think are the best maps for the lake? Atlantic maps have been mentioned. Also what part of the lake produced the large stingers in the spring and the tournaments in March and April. Is Feb. the time of the year to catch the 10-14 lbers.? Thanks again for the great website. Kindest Regards, Fred

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

I will try to add the additional Information real soon. Atlantic maps have a pretty good map the only way to get better will be go to https//maps.tva.com/Scripts/MetaWeb/map_und.asp?ID=74184 and check into ordering TVA maps. I feel most of the big stringers come from below South Sauty, they always have for me.

(9/27/02): dear sir .. id like to thank you for the information you give on your web page....very very good stuff.. we live in Tennessee. and love the lake so much... we are kinda new going there ...but love to learn it.. some place we have found and some we haven't. as far as the types of  baits to use ... the rat and spinner bait is my favorite.. we fish the spring more than the fall. but we are going to try our luck in fall now... ..but id just like to thank you for  not being hoggish and not teaching people how to and where to go....have a good day.. and turn em back...Brent

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thank you for the kind words and Fishing Lake Guntersville

(9/27/02):  Thank you Jason, You have a wonderful web site.  I have visited a lot of them and yours by far the best I have seen. I will give Doug or Joe a call and see what we can set up, and I will be sure and tell them I got there number from you. If you are ever in need of any help fishing in the East TN area I would be glad to do what I can to help you out. Take Care, Denver

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thank you for the kind words and Fishing Lake Guntersville

09/17/02: I go to your site about 3 or 4 times a week for info.. I will be there Sept. 22 for a week or so. My suggestion is, how about some info. on marinas, it would be useful. Keep up the great work! Just my 2 cents worth

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Well we need to thank you greatly for visiting our site this often. There will be several big updates in the week or so. There is some marina information on the camping page link which now reads camping / marinas
Again thank you very much for visiting so much you comments are greatly appreciated.

09/17/02: We are coming to Guntersville the third weekend in October, was wondering what the lake level should be for that time of year, and what depth will the grass be at for that time of year.  Also we are staying in Scottsboro, will that end of the lake be good or should we go to the lower end, any help would be appreciated. Thanks Steve

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: First of all water should be low unless we get a lot of rain. Water temps should be lower 70's, just a guess. Should still be some matted grass in the creeks as well as along the river channel, however on the river channel grass will be very broken up. I prefer the upper end for fall fishing since the average depth is less. Above Mill Creek or so. I would spend quite a bit of time fishing shallow for starters. Fish will likely be there by then. If you do spend some time along the river channel try to find submerged hydrilla that is out of sight but still green.

Good luck and thank you for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville.

09/16/02: Are you ever going to change or update this page to coincide with patterns that are working during late summer on Guntersville.  It seems as though all I hear about is someone had good success pitching and flipping the grass.  John

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:

Well flipping the grass has been really good but it is so time consuming if you do not know where to go. I had many areas loaded up with flipping bass during Late May till the first of July, however they do not seen to be holding bass as much. Should be a large update to the tips page in a week or so with some tips on flipping. If I was aloud only one pattern to fish all day the next time I go I would choose fishing a Carolina Rig. It still seem to be a better choice. For numbers and more so for better size.

Anyway good fishing to you and thanks for dropping it.

09/13/02: Can you recommend a good guide?  I will be on the lake mid Oct. Thanks Tracy

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: You can give this fellow a try. http://www.anglingalabama.com/

09/11/02: You really have a great web site.  If the local Chamber of Commerce is not helping you with the site, "THEY SHOULD BE".  Your site will surely help tourism in your area.  As a manner of fact, several of us eastern Kentucky Hillbilly's are headed to Guntersville bass fishing in the next few day. I saw your last lake update was 8/28.  I would really like to know how the lake is now. Phillip

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Sorry to be just now getting back to you! Been away for the web for a few days now. If you have not been yet you will find the water hasn't change much. A little cooler but not much, with water level still remaining on the low side and slightly stained to mostly clear. River channel hydrilla is breaking up very fast, as it always does. Leaving behind little clumps of Coontail among the hydrilla stubble. 

Look for a complete water update on Monday as well as a new tips page.

Thanks for Visiting!

09/10/02: Jason, I've found your web site to be absolutely the best of it's kind. Very helpful, and no popups. I'm emailing to let you know I'd use your reel repair services if you do work on Lews reels. I use Lews bb1ng and bb1ngh reels exclusively. My club is coming down for a 2 day T this weekend, and I wondered if you had any tips for me. I'm trying to get away to pre fish on Friday. Thanks, Jim 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:  I am afraid we have decided not to venture into reel repair at this time but when we do we will post it. Thank you very much!

09/09/02: Just saw your website and I think it is outstanding!  I am the tournament director for the Annual Department of Defense Bass Tournament and would like to link up with your web page in the near future.  Will be in the area with a tournament next spring and all the information you have provided will be very helpful to our participants. Again Outstanding Job!

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thank you very much for the kind words and especially for visiting our web site.
Just let us know how we can help and we will be glad to do all we can.


09/08/02: I would like to purchase a fishing trip for my 81 year old grandfather for his birthday. He can't take a boat out anymore himself so I was wondering if there was a service that took people out on 1/2 fishing trips? He lives in Lacey's Spring so Guntersville or the TN river would be great. Can you help? Nikki

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thank you for Visiting fishing lake Guntersville. Try checking with: http://www.anglingalabama.com/
This is a very good guide by the name of Troy if he cannot help let me know and I will keep working on a way.

09/03/02: Jason,  Hello again.  Any new tips for this weekend.  Will be coming down early Sat. the 7th and fishing most of the day.  Probably fish till about 1 or 2 PM on Sun.  We will try anything.  Again, our best fishing last trip was on the lower end on fairly steep rocky banks as I described in my last e-mail and we want to try some more of this.  We will probably try as many places and patterns as we can try in a short period of time. Our classic (B.A.I.T.) is on Sept 20th & 21st. We will probably start fishing that week on the 17th (Tues.)  Our tournament will be out of Goose Pond but we are willing to make long runs if necessary and will put in anywhere during practice days.  If you have any tips for this weekend please let me know.  If you would be interested in going fishing with us, we would happy to have you.  Thanks again for everything.  Joe 
08/27/02: Hi, Me and a few friends are going to Guntersville the first weekend in October just wondering the best lures and patterns are good for bass any help wouldgreatly be appreciated. Thanks 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Please check our e-mail page for all the tips given to others for this time of year and be sure to keep an eye on our tips page for a rather large Fall update.
Thanks for Fishing Lake Guntersville
PS Sorry it took so long to get back with you



Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Well for starters I am afraid fishing is quite tough right now but I do hope the cooler nights will help. I would fish a rat over the grass in the back of the coves and try flipping the grass on the edge of the river channel. Also fish a Carolina rig a lot since it seems to be paying off some. Pick an area and fish all the points you can main points as well as smaller ones. The fish seem to be in about 10 - 11 foot. the best areas will be close to grass but feeling a hard grassless bottom.
Rat any color
Flip with 4 - 7 inch baits dark colors like June Bug and green pumpkin, 3/4 oz weights
Carolina Rig with the same as flipping. Lots of good fishing in and around goose pond good flipping from the north Saulty light up to first green buoy.
  Good Luck to you!


08/19/02: You have a very informative web site, thanks! I was wondering if you could tell me when your fall ( cool weather ) starts. For medical reasons, my wife and I are not to spent too much time in the sun or HOT weather. We would like to come down from Indiana for a few days or a week to bass fish. I am retired so we can come anytime. Thanks again Roy

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Sorry it took so long to get back to you but our e-mail can get quite hectic. Anyway, Most of the time trough September will remain very hot. While the mornings will be cooler during this time the sunny days will still get up there. I would suggest a time from mid October all the way to the first of December. Our weather is very strange, we have had a white Christmas as well as 80 degrees. Coming during these times will likely avoid the really hot weather but might be really cold too. But good luck and thanks for visiting our Fishing Lake Guntersville.

08/04/02: Planning a short trip to Guntersville around Oct. 26. Never been there , but hear it is a beautiful lake, with good fishing. How is the fishing at this time of year? My fiancée and I would enjoy fishing there. I would enjoy seeing the eagles. Are the eagles there this time of year? Heard the cabins at the state park offer a beautiful view of the lake. Thanks for your information. Don and Cindy

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thank you for your interest in this great fishery. Good news is you will be there just in time for some of the best fishing we should see this year. As far as the Eagles are concerned, I myself have only seen them in quantities in January and February and they have always been down by the dam hanging out in the trees along the rocky bluffs. There are many nice places to stay along the lake. You should have no problem finding a nice place to stay. Thanks and keep in touch as your arrival time approaches and I will try to help all I can.

08/01/02: Hi, I wonder if you can tell me about the "Frog Bite" on Lake Guntersville and when it's at its best? Also, if you can tell me what brand of frogs or mice are favorites there? Thanks, Connie

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: I tried a rat\frog several time this past weekend with no luck, a few cool nights should do the trick. I prefer the basic RAT in black or white and I also like the scum frogs in both the large and small sizes. If I had to pick a time it would be mid September trough the end of October. Frog aka (rat fishing) to me never seems to kick in till you have a few nights in the upper 40's. Water under the shallow milfoil is too hot and stagnate. There is some milfoil along the river channel that can be fished that way. However, the hydrilla is just too thick.

08/03/02: 24 member bass club from Southaven, MS. having 2-day tournament 9/14-15/02.Need info on motels and best launching site nearest to the better fishing.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: If you all want to stay together I would pick either the Holiday Inn in Guntersville http//www.basshotels.com/holiday-inn?_franchisee=GUNAL or Best western in Scottsboro. http//www.scci.org/meetings/scottsboro.html Both are close to water with ramps and stores near by. I would suggest you call 256-582-6060 to see if they will have more information. This is a store called Waterfront with Gas, ramps, tons of tackle and parking, you could hold the whole tournament there.You can also visit http//www.goosepond.org/ for more launching and lodging possibilities.

Thanks for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

07/30/02: How would I go about getting a good fishing map for Lake Guntersville?  Looking to fish there in late October. What is the price of an out of state fishing license, maybe for ten days? Thanks Tom

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: You can order a map here: http://www.fishinggpsmaps.com/Guntersville.htm
or stop at any Tackle store in the area and pick on up. I am not sure on the price of an out of state license cause it depends on which state you are coming from but I think it will be around 14.00 for 7 days.

7/24/02: Hi, I just visited your sight for the first time and I really like it. Especially the map section. I will give some of your spots a try. I have a tournament about the 3rd week in Sept. out of Goose Pond and I plan on making several trips prior to the tournament. I noticed you don't mention much about frog or rat fishing. Is this something that I shouldn't be doing in August and Sept.? Last Sept., we did very well on the frogs in the grass, but our Tournament (classic) wasn't until late October and the grass had changed dramatically by the time of our tournament. We also caught some good fish in Sept. last year on Texas rigged plastic worms but very few spinnerbait or crankbait fish. Can you give me any advise? I would like also to contact other local fishermen. Thanks, smokeymountainTN

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:  Thanks for your e-mail. Frog aka (rat fishing) to me never seems to kick in till you have a few nights in the upper 40's. Water under the shallow milfoil is too hot and stagnate. There is some milfoil along the river channel that can be fished that way. However, the hydrilla is just too thick. If you find some rat fishing before your tournament you need to know their dependability. I have had my butt kick many times depending on just rat fishing. Sounds like you are on the right track just cover lots of water and pay close attention to the cast you got bit on cause a lonely stump on a point can have several fish on it.

7/22/02: How would I go about getting a good fishing map for Lake Guntersville? Looking to fish there in late October. What is the price of an out of state fishing license, maybe for ten days? Thanks Tom

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: You can order a map here http//www.fishinggpsmaps.com/Guntersville.htm

or stop at any Tackle store in the area and pick on up. I am not sure on the price of an out of state lic cause it depends on which state you are coming from but I think it will be around 14.00 for 7 days.


7/10/02: Will be at Lake Guntersville later in the year and would like more information.  Most importantly a good map.  I saw the one on the website but didn't have much luck printing it.  Can anyone mail me one? Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks Barry



Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Keep an eye on our web site we will be adding new patterns soon, only other hint is learn to flip the river channel grass! It is the only way I have be able to get a consistent bite!

7/06/02: DO YOU KNOW IF SEA-DOO'S CAN BE RENTED IN GUNTERSVILLE AND WHO DO WE CALL? Yes, you can call Guntersville Boat Mart.
They rent Wave Runners. Oh and please tell them you found your information from contacting fishinglakeguntersville.com
6/23/02: Hi, I will be fishing lake Guntersville in mid-July and was wondering what my choices are to be able to catch some numbers of fish, and maybe a good one or two? I was curious to know where we should begin our search on the lake, and what we should be using? We are versatile fishermen who are hoping to have a great time. I had planned on maybe pitchin in the grass with jigs and plastics, but wasn't sure if maybe you guys would know a better way to get em. Also, what would be a good location on the lake to find fish? Thanks

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Sorry it has taken so long to get back with ya! But there are 3 main patterns for this time to fall back on. One will be fishing the grass along the river channel with worms and up to 1/2 oz weights. Next will be fish every grass point you can find with a Carolina rig and spinner bait. Last but far from least be out there early or late for top water around the grass both river channel as well as creeks.

6/17/02: I just spent a wonderful week at Norris Lake in east Tennessee and had a ball.  I would like to do that same thing with my family sometime in the fall.  Norris is a little far from my home here in Pensacola, FL for a short visit.  Do you have boat rental facilities; specifically house boats that would accommodate 6-8 people  for rent.  If not, do you know if that would be available anywhere on the lake.  We would be interested in coming in the fall possibly when the leaves are changing.  I know that is probably pretty popular so I would like a fast response, if possible. 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: I am afraid this is a good question. The only advise I have for now is you can call Guntersville Boat Mart and see if they do or if they know who does. Good Luck to Ya!

06/08/02: Is it possible to retrieve the spring patterns you posted? Thanks, Fred

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:  You can see the spring tips here: http://www.fishinglakeguntersville.com/tipssp02

06/05/02: Has anyone out there ever fished out of DITTO LANDING in Huntsville Alabama? If so I could use some tips on where to go to catch a few bass. This will be my first trip out of Ditto Landing and I'm kind of lost on which way to go.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:  I have always Done my fishing in the Flint river. I did it as a do or die thing. I would fish bare banks with a spinner bait and the stumps and lay downs with a jig or worm. I could catch a lot of fish along the main river but they were always small. During tournaments we were usually only beat by people that were willing to run to Decatur.

5/24/02: We are looking for campgrounds on Lake Guntersville.  We have a travel trailer and would like to find a place to park it for an extended period of time.  We know there are many campgrounds on the lake and we would like to come and look at them and talk to the managers.  Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Vickie

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: We have been working an a list of camping and RV areas. We have a page on the web site where we are putting these:
I would think one of these would be ideal for you!

4/30/02: Can you recommend a good guide? We hope to be able to set up something for the latter part of this week. Thanks. Lyn

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Setting up this late in the week could be tough but you can contact Troy Jens, which is one of the best guides in the area. His web site is: http://www.anglingalabama.com

4/23/02: I just wanted to tell you i enjoy reading the information on your website. It keeps me in touch with fishing in that area. After living in and around Guntersville all my life my job took me away from that area six years ago. Having lived in Louisiana and fishing great lakes there, and now living in Texas and fishing here I just want to send a message to my friends and people i have fished with and against over the years. That message is be thankful you are able to fish in some of the best  bass lakes in the south ( Guntersville being my favorite). Fishing is great in Texas but not like Alabama. There are big fish here but catching 5 or 6 fish here is considered a good day. Thanks for letting a home sick boy do a little talking, your site is great and hope the best for your site.     PJ
4/23/02:  Great Site! Several of us are meeting at Guntersville this coming weekend, 26-28 Apr, from GA and KY for a three-day bass fishing trip on Guntersville. We will have three boats and none of us have ever fished Guntersville before. We will be staying in Guntersville, so any information and hints on what/where to start would be very helpful. Thanks, 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:  Well for starters I would start shallow in a medium to large creek. One of my favorite is Lush creek and Hays Branch as well as the back waters of Browns creek, which are all close to Guntersville. I would fish next to the bank with a fluke or slug-go type bait with no weight. I would fish it from the end of the cast all the way back to the boat trying to keep it where I could barley see it, allow it to sink down about 3 feet or so between jerks, I like white or bubble gum just so I can see it well. Then I would fish a four inch dark colored worm or lizard Texas style. Cast it in to about 5 foot of water and work out to about 10. If having some luck by now try repeating in other areas if not then fish as many major creek points as you can with a Carolina rigged lizard or worm. You will find many areas of grass growing just out of sight, you can see it but you can feel it. A Rattle Trap and spinner bait should work over these grass flats. Get you a map if you do not have one yet, there are not many areas of hazardous running but there are a few. Besides fishing a new lake without a map is all but pointless. Good luck to yall and let me know how you did.

And thanks for Fishing Lake Guntersville, the lake as well as the site!

4/22/02 I came to Guntersville last weekend for the first time and was amazed by the big water. Our water here in East Tennessee just isn't that vast. I am an avid bass fisherman hunting for a trophy. I understand Guntersville is known for it's lunkers but I am not familiar with the lake at all. Can you recommend a specific area and or creek for hunting a monster? Thanks, Scott
Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Well I would have to say no to a creek to a single out since I know most contain the bigger bass but how you catch them changes. Main thing to do is stick to creeks that have and both deep and shallow water. Plus depths that reach at least 15 foot will help along with a creek channel that makes its way to 20 foot or more. More Importantly will be your lure selection once you find a way to get bit. Bigger lures = bigger bass but less bites. If you are catching bass you are likely closer to finding the bigger ones, you might just need a presentation change. Truth hurts, but if you are not catching small fish too you are likely way off track.  And the law of average will play a role too. Like a 3-5 lbs bass is very common while a 5 - 6 are far less common and over 6 is very unlikely during a particular trip. Lets examine a year on Guntersville for me. I might break the 3-4 lbs 60 times but over 5 maybe 15 times and over 7 might not even happen. Its like our average here is very high while #'s of big bass is still normal. It is not unusual for someone to win a tournament with over 20 pounds but have no fish over five. Not to discourage you by any means cause big bass will be caught and someone has got to do it. And Fishing Lake Guntersville is very likely to be the place. Pick a decent size creek a treat it like your smaller lakes and try to forget how big this place is. Now I am rambling, but it think the bass call areas home and have no need to move far just cause the lake is big. We have had one I know of over 14 this year but that 1 out of something like 30,000 fishing trips if you add everybody up. Anyway good fishing to ya and thanks for Fishing Lake Guntersville.
4/22/02: I was thinking about coming down there this summer for a night fishing trip, how is the fishing at night, And how about some tips on lures and locations.
 I know a lot of people who do great here at night. Most use spinner baits, jigs and big plastics. I for one have not done a lot of night fishing here because I can usually do well in the heat. Unlike some lakes Guntersville is mostly largemouth and the water stays fairly stained. Making the heat not such a factor. Plus if I can get some nice fish I can stand some heat. I would suggest one would need to know how to catch a few during the day to have an idea where to try at night. The best night fishing I have done here as always been on the lower end where the water is deeper and clearer. Most of the time I fished a 1/2 oz black jig with a black pork trailer. Try to find places to catch fish during the day and work off of that. To go straight to night fishing could be tough.  Anyway good fishing to ya and thanks for Fishing Lake Guntersville.
4/19/02: How's fishing? I need to go, but just can't find the time. I need a favor. please let me know when the bream start moving in. I am trying to make sure that Aaron and his new dad get as much time on the water this spring as possible. sure would appreciate the information.
thanks Greg 

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Well for starters they are up now. They always are up by mid April and will spawn on the full moon in April, May and June Just move around till you catch the big blue gill with lots of colors. Colors mean they are spawning. Looking good for the date. Big stringers have been caught already that I have seen. Anyway good fishing to ya and thanks for Fishing Lake Guntersville

4/18/02: Are any fish being caught along hwy 72 around the north salty refuge? If so, what are the bass biting?

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: I have not heard much from that exact area but i will say it should be the same as other areas. Fish a fluke with no weight just under the surface in any water under 5 foot, then try a spinner bait in 4 - 6 foot of grass and a Carolina rigged lizard in 6 - 12 foot, looking for where the grass ends. Fishing the rip raps could be good concentrating on the shallow ends where a spawning bass may stage.

4/4/02: Hello I am Clay Styles and I am fishing in the Kicking Bass tournament held by the Orthapedic Center at Huntsville Hospital this weekend.  We will be launching from Crawdaddy's pier early Sat. morning.  I was wondering if you could give me some good tips about fishing lake Guntersville.  I am not too familiar with the lake at all.  Any help would be well appreciated.  Thank you very much.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: It would be my guess that 30 percent would be trying to spawn by now but most should go up the full moon in late April. Most bass are being caught fishing grass out from the banks where there is a grass edge in about 6 - 8 foot Carolina rigging a lizard in pumpkin or June bug have been good. Seems to be the same most anywhere. Look around the deeper banks in the backs of the pockets for underwater grass beds then try to find where they end. You will probable only feel the grass or see it on the depth finder. Fish a rattle trap and Carolina rig should have some luck. If you like to play while fishing try a Zoom super Fluke in bubble gum with no weight and 4/0 hook and work it under the surface as deep as you can but still see it. Might try a 4 inch black lizard rigged Texas style. Thanks for dropping by, fishinglakeguntersville.com and good luck to ya!

3/17/02: We will be attending a family reunion near the lake and would like some info on fishing the lake around Memorial  Day. I have never been on the lake and would like for my son to catch fish, crappie, blue gill or even bass. I understand the lake has grass in some parts of the lake. What part of the lake should we fish? I plan on stopping at the bait shops and talk to someone there to get a start. We have only 2-3 days to fish so I would like to make it productive. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:: Hey thanks for visiting our site. The time of year that you will be here is among the best times. I do not know much to tell you for crappie then, but bass and blue gill should be at a prime. Basically anywhere you want to start will not be bad. I prefer to put in along Highway 79 that runs from Guntersville to Scottsboro. There is a Shell station "Water Front Grocery and Tackle" with gas, food and tons of baits with a ramp across the street. They are about 7-9 miles North of Guntersville on Hwy 79. Take 431 South for a mile or two and look for Hwy 79 to your right. There are several ramps along this 10 mile stretch of road. Most coves have a ramp and is loaded with shallow flats where the blue gill should be spawning. Bass too may still be spawning but I look for most of them to be on the little deeper points in about 6-10 foot. For some one new to this lake wanting to put a child on some fish should buy him a "Keystone Minnow" lure. They can be bought just about any where. I think they make 2 or 3 sizes and you want the smallest one. Let them throw it anywhere the water is say 2 - 5 foot. You will need a weighted cork cause the lure is so light. Set the cork up on the line so you think the lure will run within a foot or two of the bottom. If you catch any big brightly colored blue gill, most likely you are close to a bedding area, so check it out close. As far as the grass on this lake, well its almost everywhere that there is not a lot of boathouses. Bass will be hitting top water early morning or in the shade over this grass. Fishing around the docks too with a worm will work. If you have the time and fish hard enough you will have a good trip to Lake Guntersville. Send me an e-mail when you get ready to leave. I will try to give you an update closer to time and might even see you on the water.

3/17/02: This is such an awesome site.  I was just wondering when it was going to get updated.  I was really looking forward to the other links becoming active and I was disappointed when they weren't done.  No complaining just anxious Thanks for everything Jim

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:: Done! Thanks for your response, but the replies we send are coming back saying you have too much mail. 

3/17/02 Thanks for the great info. you post on your site. It really helps out folks like me who are trying to learn the lake, and the best techniques to use. I have recommended your site to all my fishing friends. thanks Brian.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:: Well thanks for the kind words! We are excited at how far the site has come and even more excited about going into our first fishing season. Simply put, we ain't seen nothing yet. Thanks again and good fishing to ya!

3/12/02 We are coming to Lake Guntersville State Park in late March.  Are the cabins nice there?  What about the chalets?  We want to play golf one day and fish one day.  Any suggestions about where to rent a boat.  Would you suggest fishing for bass or crappie.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply:: I have never stayed at the state Park believe it or not! Well, I may sound sad about it living 7 mile from the lake any way. However I do know many people who do stay there and they love it. It is about the same as staying at Goose Pond Colony in Scottsboro. At Goose Pond you have Golf, Fishing, Hiking, Just to name a few and no need to get into a car to do all of this cause it is right there. Here is a Link to them both.
Goose Pond
Alabama State Park, Guntersville
And A good place for a cabin right on the water is Ossa Win Tha resort. They have cabins and RV lots. Here is their Phone # 256-582-4595

Oh and I am a bass fisherman at heart so Bass is what I would be going for. Besides they are bitting good now and will get better each week!
Thank you for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

3/07/02 Man - you must be a fair weather fisherman - you didn't make it out around the 4th or else your thermometer won't register low enough. Really - was kinda cold wasn't it. This is the Miss. fellow who was planning to go next week - I did hear this AM that fishing was getting good at Guntersville - I am trying to verify the rumor - gonna be cold Sunday, so I will not plan to try it before next Monday, but if the water is warming and the bass start moving, I plan to be there. I will watch the site so if you get a temp on I will see it. Later, Wallace

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: No I did not make it out last weekend. But I am regretting it. Rumor also has it that there was one over 14 weighed in. And several over 8. This Saturday should be a good day but the weather is calling for 80 percent chance of rain with storms mixed in! Sunday will be cooler but not cold, highs mid 50's. I would think it will be windy though. I for one will be getting out the old trusty rain suit and hoping for no storms. It takes a real taste of spring to turn the bass on and we are having it now. Once the real taste of spring hits not much will drive the fish back to a winter pattern. We may be cold while fishing but the bass will stay active till the spawn. We Just have to get out there, Good Luck if you go!

3/04/02 I am planning on making a trip to the Goose Pond area on April 2nd. What are some keys that I can use to help put a bend in my rod. Last year had some success on C-rig and top water. Not real familiar with the region. Fished primarily around the camp ground and golf course. Would love to find some more hot spots. Please help. Jim from KY

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Hi Jim! Thanks for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville. I would go shallow first! Get a map and find areas where you think bass would choose to spawn and fish every part of the area. Grass, sticks, boat docks, and stumps. The bass will use any thing they can find. If I put in at Goose Pond I would spend some time fishing the bank to the left under the Hwy. 79 Bridge. I would try fishing away from the bank concentrating on the 5 - 8 for scattered grass with spinner bait and lizard then close to the bank with a soft jerk bait and light weight lizard. If I did good I might move to the next creek down, Mink Creek and do the same there. This whole creek has good areas but the southern most end gets good first. Any type of point may be good then even the shallowest ones.. After a while if the shallow bite was not producing I would move to the river channel and check some of the grass out there. There are a few shallow spots so be careful where you run.

3/01/01 Really like the page - I am from MS and planning a trip for early March - I really want to fish the week of the 10th (can get of work) but am really concerned about cooler water after this cold snap. I will try to decide yes or no by next Friday - Hope someone reports the water temp around that time. Any idea how many days it might take to warm it back up??

ALSO - I would like to find a good "fishing camp" that has cabins or rooms - I can stay at the State Park (it is nice), but I really want to fish the South part of the lake. Any suggestions I will check out. Thanks


Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thanks for the Nice comments! Cold is an understatement and now they are calling for storms on Saturday and snow on Sunday. The bass are waiting for a few warm days in a row and nothing is going to happen till then. If I had to take off work I would go. But if I can pick the days I take I would wait. Water temps warmed right nicely last weekend but are back down I am sure. Fishing has been very tough. Oh yeah, people are catching fish but who gets to be those people, well that is where tough fishing gets it's name. I do not know of places to stay below the state park that are that nice. I usually refer every one to stay at Camp Ossa Win Tha since it is centered on the lake. Here is their Phone # 256-582-4595. Please tell them We sent ya!

02/27/02 Will be there fishing early in march and its going to be cold . have been there several times in feb. in the cold and not had much luck . any thing you can tell me to help .thanks mike

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thanks For visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville. Please visit our tips pages, They will help a lot and show the best tips for this time of year. I have been using one or more these methods to fish Guntersville this time of year for about 25 years in a row! Good luck to ya!

02/24/02 A small group of us will be coming down the last week in march and we were curious about what can be expected (averages) of the weather during that time of year. Also, what are the lake conditions usually like, and some baits or lures that are affective during late march. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Thanks for you letter. Haven't heard much about the cat fishing. Most people I know do bother much with cats till the hot weather comes. Most of the cat I have seen came from the edges of the river channel in the deeper grass. Crappies fishing had been good all winter but this crazy weather has slowed all species Down. Water temps have changed 10 or more degrees every week. As far as the end of march most extended forecast say warmer. Fishing should be better by then.

I'm interested in fishing Lake Guntersville in the near future, however I am not familiar with this area. I would like to know the names of a few fish camps with primitive camping that I could stay at which would give me access to the "Big Cat" fishing. Possibly some web sites that may have such information as this.



Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Please visit Fishing Lake Guntersville after March 15, 2002 and look for "Area Information" button. After this date you will be able to find maps restaurants, camp grounds, hotels tackle shops and so on.

2/20/03 Me and a friend are going to Lake Guntersville at the end of march and wanted to know how the catfish and crappie fishing will be at that time. How is the weather around that time? any help is appreciated. Regards, Dwight

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

Thanks for you letter. Haven't heard much about the cat fishing. Most people I know do bother much with cats till the hot weather comes. Most of the cat I have seen came from the edges of the river channel in the deeper grass. Crappies fishing had been good all winter but this crazy weather has slowed all species Down. Water temps have changed 10 or more degrees every week. As far as the end of march most extended forecast say warmer. Fishing should be better by then.

2/09/02We came down to Lake Guntersville last April and want to plan another trip
this April. My question is, we stayed at the Holiday Inn there on the lake
and really we are not familiar with this lake at all, we from Kentucky. I
wondered if I can order a map that shows the other loading ramps and how to
get to the larger body of water. We actually stayed there around the motel
because of not knowing where we could put in to get to the larger section of
water. Thanks, S.H.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

You could do one of these option if you would like. First go here: http://www.orn.usace.army.mil/lakeinfo/NavCharts/TNRiver/default.html
Under the Guntersville section, see the map 53A and look for the bridge in the lower left hand side of the map. This is the bridge you can see from the "Holiday Inn ramp looking to your left." 
If you would like I will send you a map. $10.00 Each. Or you can go here to order one, http://www.fishinggpsmaps.com/Guntersville.htm This map will show roads, ramps and stores in the area. Want a map just send us an e-mail





Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

Sounds like fun to me!
If it were me I would first try calling a place called Ossa Win Tha resort. They have cabins and RV lots. Here is their Phone # 256-582-4595 They are right on the water in the best area for all kinds of fishing from bass to blue gill. Great shore fishing could be right off your front porch. When staying there you have food choices 9 miles or so to the right like Pizza Hut, Western Sizzlin, Ruby Tuesdays and more in Scottsboro. Turn left and find others as well about 9 miles in Guntersville.
Please tell them you learned of the resort from fishinglakeguntersville.com
And we also thank you for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

2/09/02: I moved here from Louisiana.  There, the bass start an "early" movement after a week or two of warm February weather and can be caught on spinner baits and cranks in shallow to medium shallow water.  I would think they would be somewhat similar here on Guntersville, but perhaps later than it is in Louisiana.  Anyone know of when this usually happens here?

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

First of All thank you for visiting our Web site. You can fell right at home here cause it is the same. Big bass move in mid February and since the weather is so warm right as I write this then it should be prime. I first fish areas with a hard jerk bait. I look on the map for bank close to deep water and fish that bank all the way to its most shallowest area. I toss the bait next to the bank and jerk is all the way to the boat pausing often. Spinner baits and more so Rattle traps are other excellent choices. Most all shallow water contains left over grass which is where you will find the bass. It Can be slight aggravating to  fish but where there is grass there are bass. The main difference here is the fish might move at the same time as down there but you will likely need more clothing to stay warm.

2/1/02:  How about an update? MT

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

Went Fishing today big update tonight. We took time away from site due to holidays and bad weather. The changes to the site during this season will make the site a tremendous resource for all.
We really appreciate you taking time to send us your comments.
Thank you for visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville


Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

Has been slow with most bass coming on spinner baits and traps fished very slow over old grass, both along the river channel and inside coves. Jerk baits are doing ok fished slowly in the shallow water especially when there is some worm sunshine. Jigs doing well on rip raps bridges and deeper lay-downs. Thanks for Visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

1/23/02: I'm coming down there in April to fish in the pro am tournament. as an am. any info on what kind of fishing techniques I should expect would be greatly appreciated. I'm from central IL and would be happy to help anyone coming up this way to fish on the Mississippi river.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

AHHHHH! Fishing on Guntersville in April. Could this be heaven? First this will depend on the weather. Could be 80 or 35 with a stiff north wind. I am sure patterns will fluctuate quit a bit before then but I myself would rig the fallowing way to fish from the back of the boat in almost all situations for which my partner might choose. Fishing in a Pro-Am tournament the key is often slow down and DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES!!!

Dark colored lizard rigged Texas style 1\8 to 3/8 oz weight, Depending on Depth Fished.

White or Bubble gum Super Fluke 4/0 hook no weight fished just under the surface.

6 Inch Lizard June Bug or Pumpkin Chartreuse Rigged Carolina rig 3/4 oz for water 8 foot or more and as light as a 1/4 for tossing into the shallows or dragging across underwater grass.

White spinner bait silver blades. 1/4 oz. for shallow water and up to 1/2 oz. for deep.

And the trusty Rattle Trap Mix up chrome colors and some Chartreuse.

90% chance you will be fishing in underwater grass all day,  Thanks for Visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

1/08/02: I'll be fishing Guntersville late March early April. Will be my first trip to Guntersville. Just wondering if you could give some tips on what to use and where to go. I need all the help I can get.... thanks Mike

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

If it were me I would do two things first, during that time of year. Go to the grass flats along the old river channel. These areas are found up river from about Mill Creek. Some of the flats are located by the red river buoys, others need map study. I would throw a Rattle trap to locate any fish then maybe try spinner baits or jerk baits to catch more. Your trap must tip the grass or you are fishing it too high. You will get bit this way for sure, but you must cover lots of water. I would then pick a medium size cove and start as shallow as I could get then work my way out with a jerk bait and spinner bait. Most water under 8 foot deep will have old grass on the bottom. Don't let this fool you cause old stringy brown grass tends to be better than the green till water get warm. As time get closer e-mail again for an up date.

Thanks for Visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

1/7/02: My partner and I are thinking of coming to lake Guntersville and we are trying to find out a few things maybe you can help? What is the best time for bass fishing with crank baits and top water, where can we get a map of the lake? and a list of lodges to stay at? any answers will help thanks John.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: 

Well, this time of year is best for big bass. But the over all, fishing will be slow, especial as cold as it has been. Bass move shallow here around mid March and can be quite easy to catch through May on worms, spinner baits, Flukes especially, and just about any shallow water lure you choose. In spring everything depends on the number of cold fronts that come through. After the spawn, Mid May till late August Crank Baits, top water and Carolina Rigs, are great starting points.

The first places to stay that come to mind is Camp Ossa Win Tha, the Guntersville State Park "Bucks Pocket" And Goose Pond Marina. <<<Might get a map here too. Just to name a few.

You could try here http://www.fishinggpsmaps.com  for a map or pick up one when you get here.

Feel free to contact me later if you decide to come, I will help  any way I can.

Thanks For Visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

11/26/01: Hi my name is Shane, this is a picture of a catfish I caught Sunday November 25 2001 at lake Guntersville. I was fishing with a jigging spoon on 14 pound vanish line. Were still not sure if it is a channel or blue cat. If its a channel cat it would be the new Alabama state record. It weighed 41 pounds and was a heck of a fight.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Reply: Your Photo has been added to our web site. 

Thanks For Visiting Fishing Lake Guntersville

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