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(4/5/06) I contacted you about a week ago about a trip I was planning the week of April 9 thru April 15.  Well that week is almost here and I am extremely excited about the upcoming week.  You wrote and said send another e-mail before we came down there to get some updated information.  I checked the extended weather forecast for next week and the weather looks like it will be nice, low to mid 70's.  I heard that there have been some nice fish being caught right now, but you never know what to believe.  If you have any tips or information, I'll greatly appreciate any of it you can spare.  We usually fish there around the Waterfront Grocery Store.  Thanks You
(4/4/06) Hello fellow angler,  Me and a couple of my buddies are taking a road trip through your great state. The purpose of our road trip is to relax and enjoy the great fishing that the southeast has to offer. WE are going from NC to MS and passing through the Lake Guntersville area. I was wondering how the fishing on the lake is this time of year. I know season just started here so most of the lakes and streams are over fished. As i do not know the area i figured i would ask someone who does if it would be worth stopping in the area to fish? We also love running water and are looking for some good rivers and streams. Are there allot of these around the area. Your Help would be greatly appreciated as well as any info you can give me. Thank you Peter
(4/2/06) I am coming down for the first time. would love to stay somewhere on the water, where i can leave the boat in. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.
(3/29/06) Hi Jason, Hope you are doing well! We arrive Saturday evening and will fish Sunday through Friday. I've been following the reports on the Bass Fishing Home page, and it sounds like the fishing has been pretty good and getting better with the warmer weather moving in.  Seems Cotton Cordell Royal Shad supper spots are the real deal down there! I have not been able to find any up here, maybe we can find some down there. I do have a pretty good selection of lipless crank baits, just not Cotton Cordell. We'll throw spinner baits, lipless cranks, plastic lizards and trick worms, maybe some buzz baits early, and some jig/pigs and let them tell us what they like! Just looking forward to being on the lake and enjoying nature for a few days! Any words of wisdom going into the week that you would like to impart? Should we start shallow and work deep or vice versa? Any advise would be appreciated. Take care and maybe some day we'll run into you on the water Jim
(3/28/06) Your website is awesome, I am coming down to fish April7,8 & 9 and am needing a map.  Can I get a map with your tips on them?  Let me know what you have and how I need to get one. Thanks very much. Jack
(3/26/06) The Anheuser-Busch bass clubs are coming to Lake G. The week of April 3rd.  There are about 90 anglers who will be fishing and we are from all over.  We will be a Covenant Cove and will have our weigh in's there each day.  This is our 19th annual tournament and is open to AB employees or retirees.  We get together to fish and have fun on different a different lake each year.  We haven't been to Guntersville in six years.  We are all excited about coming and from all reports should be able to catch a lot of fish. From all I am hearing, the area around Scottsboro seems to be the best.  If you have any advice for us please let me know.  I am leaving for Lake G. next Saturday and will be in Covenant Cove on April 1, 2006. I forgot to mention.  Each year a different brewery is the host and this year the Jacksonville brewery will be the host team.  I am the tournament coordinator and everything is set up and ready to go.  We will start each morning at safe light and weigh in at 3:00 PM.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are our practice days and we only pay for the largest bass caught.  Thursday and Friday are our tournament days and we limit to five fish each person. I am going to keep a journal as to how many fish are caught.  I will try to get as much information as possible and post it after our tournament. Thanks,
(3/24/06) I am coming down to fish the 17th of April for a week. I am staying in Guntersville. Can you give me some tips on what might be a good place to start . I have a Map and can Fish . I guide on Lake Erie during the summer and fall for Smallmouth. Any kind of help will be appreciated Thanks
(3/20/06) Several years ago, some people, thinking they were doing a good deed put some reproducing grass carp in the lake I was told. If so have the carp reached spawning size or if not what happened to them? There seems to be lots of grass. I love fishing that stuff. Mike
(3/14/06) I'll be coming down to the Big "G" for the third time this year in three years.  First trip was in late June of 04, which was an excellent trip.  The second was late March of 05, which wasn't a very good trip because of all the bad weather.  I was just looking for some general information on where we launch from and mabe where to go.  The two trips I have made we launched every time from the Waterfront Grocery boat dock, and fished mainly around that vacinity.  Where exactly are we when we are fishing that area?  I have read about South Salty Creek being a good place to fish.  I log onto your webpage almost everyday to get updates on the weather and the water conditions.  I'll be coming from West Virginia, so I would really appreciate some basic information on where we are on the lake and some other places to possibly go.  Thanks You.  
(3/14/06) My name is Kenneth. We have a Bass Club, The Pipemill Bassmasters.  I am currently 4th in points and I need some help on Lake Guntersville.  I only fish it once a year.  We will be fishing there next Friday the 24th launching at mac's landing.  If you can help me in anyway I would greatly appreciate it.  Last year I came in 3rd in the back of spring creek, I was using a red rattletrap.  There were lots of fish in the creek in the patchy grass 18lbs. 6oz.  I would greatly appreciate any ideas.  Thanks! If you ever need any help on Warrior River, I live 12 miles from it and could help you if needed.
(3/14/06) I have a club tournament at Lake Guntersville and I am not familiar with the lake, I have been to the state park fishing in a small boat and caught a few fish. This year we have a two day on March 25th & 26th and we are putting in at the City Park, we are staying at the Best Value Inn in Scottsboro. We are a small club with about 35 to 40 members but like any club we have a core of about 14 to 20 that fish every month. If their tips on where to fish and what to fish with for this time of the year  would be greatly appreciated, our home lake is Lake Eufaula and we are out of Dothan Al. We fished a tour this past weekend on Eufaula and found several fish on the bed already, when do the fish go on bed at Guntersville, my partner and I finished 5th and 6th with only 3 fish between the two of us. It was a tuff day fishing on the lake, very muddy after a two rain. Well I better get getting Thanks, Stephen
(3/8/06) Hello, Looking for comments about the fishing our group will be on the lake from March 24 through March 31. I did notice the full moon is due the last week of March. My buddy thinks a jerk bait will work I'm think a black/blue jig and pig? Are the fish in pre spawn? Hit lot last on the Vandam shad colored crankbait. I need the edge this year money on the line any tip will help!!! lol Thanks
(3/4/06) Hello, Were wanting to come to lake Guntersville the north end , an stay a week in a cabin if possible from March 10-17th do you know of any place that we could stay that's on the north end of the lake near the Scottsboro side. Thank you kindly, Tricia
(3/3/06) Hello: What a great site you have and very informative!!  The map that you use in your interactive map section is that from Atlantic Maps?  If not who, I would like to buy one. Also, staying in the Langston area around the 31st of March-April 4th to fish Lake Guntersville w/friend.  Any suggestions for this time of year and where to start close to Langston? Thanks for your help in advance, GREAT SITE!!  Most informative!!
(2/27/06) Thanks for the info Jason.  It looks like some warm weather between now and tourney time.  Would you go up in the river or stay around Goose pond?  I'm thinking they may be hitting that spinner bait like you said if the weather stays on the warm side, especially with the sun shining.  Thanks again.
(2/21/06) This will be the second time Me and my dad will be down came last year, caught 8lb. and a 10lb. on first day then nothing. We fished the mid section just above seabold. We're not used to fishing grass Tee Kitchens helped us a lot. We mainly fished worms with small weight .WE done fair if you could give us any tips we would really appreciate it . I live in NC my dad lives in TN. thanks again, david
(2/21/06) Hi my name is Michael I'm going to be a co-angler this week end in the choo choo tournament. Just started fishing last year and wonder if you could give me a few tips fishing in the back of the boat. Lures, line and how to fish them. thanks Michael
(2/20/06) I will be fishing at club tourney on March 9 and 10.  I have been there once before, and will be putting in at Goose Pond.  Any suggestions on what type of bite to expect?  Any buzzbait action, spinnerbaits, or would it be jig and plastics?  Thanks for any help.  I enjoy your website.  I check it out every week.
(2/15/06) My son and I are interested in a fishing trip to Lake Guntersville for bass. We have for years went north to Canada, but with time constraints it is more feasible to go south. We will need a boat, cabin close to the water. We expect to come sometime within the next 30 days or so. We were told of the great fishing at your lake and are very interested. My son is an adult so no special accommodations are necessary.    Mike
(2/3/06) Jason, I have really enjoyed your website. I've been looking at it daily, studying everything on it counting down the days until march 26 when some friends and I come down to try our luck. We usually take 1 good trip a year and this is it. I am a teacher in SE KY. We are coming down the 26-30 during spring break. I just got my map today and have been studding it religiously since. I'v compared it to the kickable map on your site and marked a few places. I think we are going to stay at s. sauty creek since its in the middle. Is this a good choice? How about a few more tips? What's the spring prognosis? What's the water temp. and color? Which baits are the best to use at this time? Any information is greatly appreciated. I am so excited, I cant hardly wait. Can you recommend a good pub? We will still be following the NCAA tournament and wanted a place to watch in the evenings. How is the crappie fishing? We want the best of both worlds, crappie and bass. Again thanks for your time. I know it takes allot of time to operate a site like but we fishermen really love it. It motivates us and gets us through the winter. Thanks again
(2/2/06) Are there any large bass tournaments on Guntersville from April 22 through may 7 2006?  I'm coming down there from Indiana sometime in that period & would like to avoid them if possible. Thank You,  Jay
(1/10/06) Hey, Awesome website! I use it often. I will be fishing the BFL CHOO CHOO Division as a Co-Angler in 2006. I have never been there and have always wanted to fish Guntersville. We fish Feb 25. Can you give me some info on what colors, lures, and anything else I need to know for this time of year? Need all the help I can get fishing out of the back of the boat! Please continue to update your website. Also if you or a friend of yours needs a Co-Angler for the season, let me know! Thanx for your time! Kenneth
(11/13/06) Hey I was just wondering I live in east tenn are there any places on the lake to both camp and fish and is the first part of april a good time to come. Thanks Kevin
(9/20/05) I am planning a trip to lake Guntersville the week of thanksgiving i know most people will be hunting this time of year but i was wondering if you could give me any information on the fishing this time of year we are coming down from we any helpful tips would be appreciated thank you sincerly Russell
(8/13/05) Hi Jason,  Perhaps you can advise some first timers to the Lake on selecting a guide.  We will be fishing Sept. 18 through 23 and would like a guide for at least Monday the 19th.  We are four old guys who like to get together and fish a spell. We will be traveling 600 miles plus and staying in Scottsboro.  Have looked a little on the net and may concentrate on Mud Creek.  Any help would be appreciated. We will bring two tracker style boats for the fishing and we practice catch and
release..  Thanks.
(8/2/05) When I was little, my dad used to take us to stay up there in some cabins.  I believe the place was called Osa-Wintha?  Anyway, I've tried finding if the place was still around, but I haven't had any luck.  Are they still around?  Do they still have cabins to rent? I got some kids of my own now and would like to take them to the lake like my dad took me. Thanks. PS:  It's been a long time since I was there, but if there are some better cabins, please feel free to let me know.
(6/06/05) Jason: I have a club tournament on the lake this coming weekend June 11 and 12. I was hoping that you could point me to some areas to look at during
practice. I have never been on the lake and have no idea what to expect. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lavon
(6/03/05) I want to go to Lake Guntersville for a week fishing trip with my son.  Everyone tells us this is a great place to fish.  We fish for fun (no tournaments) but we love it!  We just bought our first bass boat and have started to fish larger lakes this summer.  Can you tell us where to stay for a week there?  How about starting us off in a certain area or how to fish the lake?  This lake is so large we have no idea where to start or how to fish in grass since the lakes around here have no grass.  We are intimated by where to go and what to do, but we are going to try it anyway! Anything you can do to point us in the right direction or any helpful information would be very much appreciated.  I will continue to look at your site for more help. Thanks,
(5/30/05) Hi: My name is Lavon. I will be coming to lake Guntersville June 12th for a club tournament. I am from Southwest Georgia and have never been on or even seen the lake. I was hoping that you could point me in the right direction. I will be staying in Guntersville and will be coming up on Thursday before our tournament to get in a  couple days of practice. Any information that you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
(5/29/06) Itís a great site but when are you going to update it??  Rich
(5/21/05) Hi Jason, The wife and I spent the first two weeks of May at Mudd Creek. Never saw so much grass as in Town Creek!  Didn't catch any wallhangers, but had a great time.  Stayed at Creekstone Cabins - owners Anne and Butch were great people and the accommodations were superb. Met a lot of locals who were very helpful to us, showing us where to fish and what to use.  It was very difficult to return to Indiana - we wanted to stay. Looking forward to our next trip! Don
(5/18/05) Hey Jason, First of all, thanks for the web site. It has been an enormous help with planning a trip down next month. I am coming down June 5th and 6th and staying in the Mud Creek area. Is there any good fishing at Mud Creek or do I just need to skip it and start south of there?
I am looking foreward to this trip as it is my first fishing on Guntersville. My friend always says that the bass will "break your arm" down there. That would be a welcome change. My home lake is Chickamauga in Chattanooga, TN. and there are not many "arm-breakers" up here. TVA pretty much ruined it by killing all the grass in the 1980's. It has been a slow recovery. Anyway, can't wait to get there and do some real grass fishing. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, W.B.
(5/18/05) Jason, Thanks for the info. I'll let you know how I come out. I'd like to get together and fish with you some time, if we can work our schedules out. I'm sure I could learn a lot about the lake from you. I'll be rigging up my spinnerbait rod with a 3/8oz. white with gold blade, and of course another with a black/blue jig. I would assume that you are throwing the worm weightless. Any preference on color? I have read several reports that are singing the praises of the Yum Dinger in Mardi Gras, so I'll keep those handy. Tight lines and thanks again, Jay
(5/17/05) I have come to look forward to your trip reports. I'm fishing the Big Bass Splash this weekend, and am looking to fish the upper end of the lake. Any pointers you would like to give? I live about 80 miles away, so I don't get to the Big G as often as I would like. I grew up Crappie fishing with my Dad on Beech Creek, but that was a looooooooooooong time ago. Any help would be appreciated..............Thanks and kee up the good work!!!!!! Jay
(5/17/04)  Thanks Jason for the info and God Bless. Austin
(5/17/05) Hi. I live in Grenada Mississippi and had planned on taking my son to Guntersville bass fishing for his 17th birthday. I've been Bass fishing all of my life and have even fished several tournaments but none at Guntersville. It seems to be a huge lake and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Austin
(04/26/05) Keep up the postings on your web page.  The Big G is too far away from me for me to not have an idea of what the fish are doing before I go. You're doing a great job, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Jay
(03/27/05) My Dad and myself are thinking about coming to Lake Guntersville to fish at the end of April but wanted to get a heads up before coming that way. We had rather catch Crappie and Bream and could care less about catching Bass. I understand that Lake Guntersville is the place to fish for the two species.
Unfortunately we got rid of our boat quite some time ago but figure there must be some good spots to fish from the bank? Can you help me locate some spots to fish? I have never fished Lake Guntersville but would like to try? Sincerely, Dale
(03/04/05) Hello My name is Kevin I'm trying to get some ideas on where I'm going to retire. I should be able to do this before I'm 55, so I'm going to have plenty of play time left. If you would pick one area on Lake Guntersville to live/fish, where would it be? I also love to golf. Where do you recommend? I'm coming down to play golf in May at Shoal Creek. I was thinking about coming down early to look around. Any ideas would be appreciated. Sincerely: Kevin
(03/06/05) Just wanted to send these pictures thanks for all your help. I look at your sight 3 or 4 times a week. thanks again. nathan
(03/01/05) Hello there... I am thinking about participating in a "yum lure" ONLY tourney in mid April. My question to you is.. Do you see this being a
productive tourney as far as the baits I will have to work with? I am assuming yes, since worms work pretty much all year. Do you have any tips or tricks you could lend me to help out in this tourney? Any info you can give me to help make this tourney successful would be
greatly appreciated!!!! Also just wanted to take a second and tell you that your site is by far the best I have found. I cannot wait and am highly anticipating the UPDATES soon!! 
(02/8/05) Just a quick note to let you know that we appreciate your fishing reports.  Please keep them coming! Tim
(02/6/05) Hello!  My name is Chris.  I am from southeast Ohio.  I am planning a trip to Lake Guntersville for the first time on February 18.  I will probably only be there a few days.  I am really excited.  I recently joined a the Gallipolis Bass Busters, a chapter of BASS.  Five members have been to the lake and have told me many tips and much desired advice.  I love your web site.  Practically everything they have told me is on your site.  I just wanted to say thanks and ask if you could update your site in regards to the water temperature or even email me a response.  I can't wait to get down there and start fishing.  I will email you with my trip results.
(02/6/05) Jason, Your site is well done.  Lots of useful information. I am visiting Guntersville in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if there is boat rentals on the lake.  I am looking for a bass style boat with raised casting decks, TM, gas motor, etc Thanks, Chuck
(11/15/04) Jason, my son and I are headed to Guntersville over Thanksgiving and am hopeful that your site will be updated before we arrive.  The latest update was from 9/7/04 - what are current conditions like and what baits seem to be drawing the most attention in what areas of the lake.  I have made use of your maps and bait info and am very thankful for the help.  Thanks, CC Curt
(10/29/04) Hello Jason, I am looking for a place to go fishing for a week this spring (early March '05).  I have never been to Guntersville and would appreciate any information or links you might have.  Your site has plenty of good content on fishing and I am still wading through it.  I am wondering about the lake itself.  Fishing shallow stained water, deep clear water, etc. Here in Northern Wisconsin, most of the lakes are 12-20' deep and stained to damn green.  We fish a lot of jigs and tubes around fallen trees and docks.  Some weed edges. What would I expect to find there.  Also, how about running around the lake?  Is it hazardous to navigate?  Some lakes are easy to fish.  As soon as you launch the boat you can just see good spots and get going.  Others you need to spend the first day idling around and probing. Also, how about places to stay.  Any help there would also be appreciated. Scott
(10/6/04) Jason, Love the web site.  I have visited G-ville once in the spring and I am making the trip down this weekend with my wife.  I have several questions about the lake and patterns this time of year.  First, do you know of any tournament this weekend?  I am from KY Lake and fish almost exclusively there, but I am wanting to expand my fishing horizons, and I really don't mind to fish in a tournament because I will get  a tax break on my vacation if I fish.  Secondly, I assume that you will also be fishing cause I noticed your log seems very full of fishing days, but any help would be appreciated.  I am traveling with my wife, so I have no partner and wouldn't be a threat to your fish I'm sure.  I am just trying to gather as much info as possible that can hopefully save me some time on the water.  I will more than likely just fish for fun, but I am like most, the more I catch the more fun I have!  Thanks for any help and great site again...David
(9/12/04) Hey Guys, Just thought I would send a photo from a recent night trip on Guntersville. Some times it nice to fish at night and beat that summer heat.  This one weighed 4 pounds.  I caught it on a Texas rigged worm while fishing boat houses. Sincerely, Patrick 
(7/26/04) Where are good areas to fish near the Guntersville state park just from the banks. I went at some areas near the picnic areas but no luck and what r best types of bait to use?.Billy
(7/18/04) Jason, I will be visiting Lake Guntersville on July 21 to 24. We are staying at the Wright Place in Guntersville. We have been trying to locate a small boat to rent for this time period. This is, unfortunately, not primarily a fishing trip so we'd like to be able to take advantage of any spare moments to fish. My brother has found that there is only one marina in the area and they only rent pontoon boats at rates that are much too high for what we need. Do you have any suggestions for us? I know there is very little lead time but I just found your excellent website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dan
(6/18/04) sorry to bother you so much but just one more question about Guntersville. if i pitch a jig and pig (black & blue) is that a good color? where should i fish it. we are putting in at waterfront and i have been up as far as north saulty creek. i got a pretty good map of the lake. thanx for your help and if you ever fish tim's ford or woods reservoir just drop me a line and maybe i can return the help you have given me.. thanx Alan
(6/10/05) Do you offer guided largemouth bass fishing tours?  I want to send my husband on a tour for our anniversary and I am having a very hard time finding a place that does it fairly close to south Mississippi. Sincerely,
(6/08/04) a little while ago some of my friends where down there and they told me about a 14lb large mouth do you have pics or maybe a web site to wiew them. No Name
(6/03/04) Jason, I've thoroughly enjoyed your website.  Thanks for all the hard work that you have put into it. My wife and I are looking at heading up for a few days in mid July.   What are the best patterns that I should try at this time? Thanks for all you do.    Rev Keith
(3/17/04) Jason, how have you been? have you been fishing much ? have you fished lay lake before ? i will be fishing there this weekend, do you have any info ? thanks , Danny
(3/14/04) Love this part of your web site. we will be coming from Johnson city TN are on Thursday the 18th. this has to be the fishing web site that i have seen and  I have been login on since last spring. keep up the good work. hope to get another next trip plan update before then. i will check it before i walk out the door Wednesday night. thank you    Eddie
(3/12/04) Just in case people don't tell you - thanks for the work you do on this website. It is really appreciated. mike
(3/11/04) I really like the "next trip" postings!!  I only get to fish the Big G once or twice a year, so this gives me some insight as to what guys are actually thinking when they GET OFF THE WATER!! Wayne

(3/11/04) Jason, This is truly one of the most useful fishing web sites I've ever visited.  Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to fish Guntersville yet, as living in Southern Indiana and not owning a boat would make that very difficult at the moment.  My Mother-In-Law lives in Florence, Al and my wife and I are looking to move to that general area in the near future, so believe me, I'll be checking your site before heading to that wonderful lake.  Once again, thanks for a tremendously helpful web site. Sincerely, Rob

(3/09/04) Over the past few years, I've tried to pick several lakes to fish for my annual "spring break".  My wife's a teacher, so I get the kids off to school and her spring break is about the only time in spring I can get away.  Usually I spend a lot of time researching the lakes before heading out.  In all those years of research, your site has been the most informative and helpful in planning for a trip.  Most sites have a primary agenda other than helping people catch more fish.  Your site is refreshing in that aspect.  And special thanks to Jason for all the work (I would say hard work but it must be at least part fun).   Specifically, the water conditions and trip planning.  As my granddad always said, "Plan your work, then work your plan".  BTW nice 7lber last weekend, you make your buddy swim home?  Thanks again, good luck and God bless.-Kyle
(2/29/04) I saw where you post what happened on your trips page. I like that, thanks Mike
(1/28/04) I fish with a group that comes down to Guntersville every march, and I frequent this site often.  I was just wondering why there hasn't been any updates lately.  Will there be anymore in the near future?  Thanks for your time.  
(1/08/04) Jason , i finally got a chance to get back with you . how has your winter been so far? can you offer any more suggestions on Guntersville in Feb. by chance. and again if you ever get up my way give me a call and ill help you if i can. Rick
(1/05/04) I live in southern Indiana and been going to Guntersville lake for 10 years in a roll. We stay at ossawintha resort, off of hwy.79.it's not fancy just a old fish camp with 12 or so cabins. It's right on the water. Aways clean and cheap. thanks gary
(12/13/03) Good morning, I've just relocated to the Albertville / Guntersville area and am in the process of building a new 14 foot power skiff that I will be using to fish the lake this year. I'm looking for anyone any the area that rebuilds and/or sells outboard motors. I'm looking for a 15 HP tiller Thanks, for help and the website. Ken
(11/27/03) Jason, great site, been a member for a few months but am just now going to fish the lake for the first time. I tried to find some recent reports but didn't see any. Any help on what they are doing now would be greatly appreciated. I'm coming up this Sat. around noon and leaving Sunday afternoon. Thanks
(11/12/03) I am thinking traveling to Guntersville the weekend of November 14-16.  What is the grass like right now.  Is there a good bite?  In short is it worth the trip?
(10/21/03) Your web-site is great.  I am from Illinois but I was able to spend three hours on Guntersville recently and it made me want to come back real bad, and your web site makes me want to book a trip with you.  Like you, I love to flip and pitch matted grass.  On the lakes up here it is mainly coontail. Just this year I have started using Power Pro braided line for this technique.  Do you use braided line and if so do you feel the fish in the matts get line shy to braided line if your diameter gets too big?  I have been using 50 lb test and I am contemplating going to 65 lb test.  Also, if somebody was going to come down and wanted to flip and pitch the matts and do some frog fishing, what time of year would you recommend? Thanks, Scott
(9/23/03) This has to be the best site ive ever been on for the big g fishing a  bfl tourny this weekend wish me luck!!   tight lines to ya   brian
(9/21/03) Thank you for the web site.   I want to bring my son up for some bass fishing sometime in late Oct. or November. early.  What area of the lake is better to fish and will the bass be biting the frog baits like I have heard .  We have never fished the lake and we are looking forward to it.  I would like for my young son of 15 to catch as many large fish as he can.  This is somewhat of a  get away experience for him and he needs the confidence.  Thank you for your help
(9/11/03) Hello, The gang and I are coming your way in late April next year.  We live in St. Louis so we will be going through Nashville.  Would like some information on the northern part of the lake as far as accommodations and all that you can give me information on.  We bass fish so that is our primary reason for going to your lake, however, we like first class accommodations and like to have a cocktail or three when we are off the water.  Looking for a full service resort or motel where we can eat and drink ourselves Dave
(9/07/03) Planning a trip to Guntersville for sometime this fall.  Have not been to Guntersville lake before.  Have fished Wilson and Wheeler. What would be one of the better times for this undertaking?  I'm retired and scheduling is not a problem. Thanks: Jim & Betsy

(9/04/03) I am planning a trip on 9-5-03 and 9-6-03 to lake Guntersville. I am taking a friend that is here from Czechoslovak. I am hoping to put him on some fish. I want to thank you for putting together such an informative web site on this lake. I am sure it will help us find some fish. I will contact you after my trip to let you know how we did.   Regards,

(9/1/03) Hi, My bass club "Little Egypt Bass Club" of S. Ill. will be down there in early Nov. And I would like to get a lake map to study but don't know where to buy one. Please advise.
Thank you for any help,
(6/20/03) My husband and i are moving to Guntersville next year, and we like to fish. we were very impressed with your website. it sounds like we picked the right spot. i like your descriptions of the weather and how the fish are biting. can't wait!!
(6/17/03) I just spent over an hour looking for good websites with lots of information and I finally found yours!  It has all the info I'm looking for, especially since this will be my first time fishing the lake.  My brother-in-law is coming from out of town and I was looking at Smith lake, Logan Martin or Guntersville, now it's not even a choice!  Lake Guntersville it is! Thanks for the website, I have it marked in my favorites so I can get to it without having to search and I've already forwarded it to other folks! Thanks! Robert
(6/17/03) Thank you for building this site. I am a novice fisherman to lake Guntersville. I live in Cullman and drive over pretty regular. The tips and info are very helpful and appreciated. God bless you and good luck in the future.
(6/09/03) Jason, Hi, my name is John. I am thinking of coming to Guntersville next June for a weeks fishing. Was wondering if you would answer a couple of questions for me.  I love top water frogging and ratting, would June be a good time for this?  Also, was thinking of Goose Pond Colony for a place to stay. Any thoughts on this?  I have been going to Dale Hollow for the last few years and while I do ok, I would like to be able to do some ratting. Dale Hollow is mainly a crankbait reservoir, no weed beds on top, just deep structure fishing and I am up for a change.  I was reading your website, that is where I got your email ad. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks    John
(6/05/03) Jason, I hope you don't mind that I linked you to the Tuesday Night Wildcat Fishing Tournament on Lake Guntersville and I hope you will link to us. If you have any problems with this, let me know. "By George" George        http://www.mindspring.com/~tsumner
(6/02/03) Hello, With water conditions in fluctuation, which area or creek do you recommend? Better yet, which area's should be avoided? Thanks, Cassius
(6/02/03) Jason, You must really have a lot of confidence in Lake Guntersville. You've never gave a negative account of the lake, or it's fishing. Are the fishing in this lake good all the time?
(6/02/03) My name is Scott and my bass club is coming to Guntersville in June 03.I do not have a lot of time fishing there, But I do have A LOT of hours and tournament wins on the lower Coosa river [Lay,Jordan,and Mitchell]Smith lake and Bankhead lake [Black Warrior river]. I would like to trade some info about these places for some help at Guntersville. I like to flip and fish spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. If anyone can help get me started by giving me a creek or area i might can use these patterns, please help.
(5/19/03) In about a week, I plan to take a  fishing vacation on Lake Guntersville. Currently, I'm deployed, but the folks at home tell me the area has had a lot of rain. I'm told that the mighty Tennessee River is near flood stage and my crest any day. Are the reports I've been getting accurate? Are the lake water levels too high for safe navigation? Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Cassius
(5/19/03) I just found your site and it is AWESOME. Have a club tourney on Guntersville June 21st. Looking for good patterns and locations for that time. Any ideas? Thanks! Alan
(4/27/03) Hello there My name is Mike I am planning a fishing trip to lake Guntersville on May 2,2003 and thought I would check with you to see if you could give me some ideas on: #1. Where are the best areas to fish. I heard it was in creeks like Mudd Creek or salty creek. I don't know #2. Where are the best techniques. Spinner bait, buzz, jig ?????? thanks for any help you can give.
(4/27/03) First of all let me thank you for being willing to help others that don't get a chance to come to Guntersville that often. I've only been there twice, once in July 1999 and again this March. I pre-fished with my brother-in-law in ' 99 around Goose Pond and we had a wonderful time and caught lots of 1.5lb. to 2.5lb. fish plus one 5.0lb+ largemouth on a bubblegum trick worm that I actually saw come out of the grass under the worm, slowly ease up to it and inhale it, then turn and slowly back from where she came from before Scott (my brother-in-law) set the hook. It all happened in slow motion.........AWSOME!! Then in March I came to fish with a great friend of mine Rene' Mitchell. We launched in Spring Creek and tried areas from your site. We were slow to get bites, especially on the points and pockets below Honeycomb but I chalk that up to inexperience on the lake. We made our way up to Seibold and fished areas according to your website and caught two (2) 6.0lb.+ largemouths on Junebug Finesse worms. I'm sure you get asked all the time for help in tournaments and from week-end worriors like myself. My company is putting on a tournament May 4th and any help would be greatly appreciated. We are launching at Mac's Landing in Spring Creek, or what I was told used to be Mac's Landing. I have a GPS unit and have marked several waypoints from your site and plan to hit them. Jason, I know the secret's of a Bass fisherman are only known by two others.......his boat and the Bass! (HAHAHA). I would appreciate your help if possible, if not, your website is a great tool and starting point. 
(4/5/03) I am from Oak Ridge, TN and our bass club is coming to Lake Guntersville to fish our club classic April 11-15.    I was wondering what the latest fishing information is there such as water temperature, how high the milfoil is, and what stage of the spawn the fish are in.  Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.    Adam
(4/2/03) Hi Jason, I have a Tournament next week and would like to know some places to try...I like fishing from the Park down to the dam...I don't what pinpoint places just what to use and around about places thanks  Skeeter SX200
(3/28/03) Jason, I think that it is a very good web site. People will be able to benefit from all of the great information that will be available in the future and the past. I fish Lake Guntersville twice a year. Once in the early Spring time for three weeks and then again in the late Fall for another three weeks. It is a on going process for me. I have been going with a group of real good guys for about twelve years. I hope that all of the problems with them killing the weeds has been resolved. I have had a problem with the gill nets. I ran over one and got my prop and lower motor unit tangled so bad that it took me over thirty minutes to cut the cable strand off of the prop. They need to do the same thing was done in the Great Lakes. Put pressure on you Game and Fish people the change the laws so they are banned from all water ways. The DNR is real quick to fine a guy who is over his limited or has under size fish, but yet they won't enforce the laws about the commercial fisherman. I guess what will have to happen is some of the guys in your local bass clubs get together and use some chain on a rope with a grappling hook and troll for them. Bring them up to the surface and dispose of them. Once it cost them to replace the nets all the time they will be allot more selective where they place them. Good luck with this problem.  Ron
(3/28/03) To all, I am planning on my first tournament and trip to Lake Guntersville for the Armed Forces Tournament from approx  30 Mar - 4 Apr. If anyone is willing to share some info on where and what to fish with it would be greatly appreciated. Just can't wait to visit Ala and try out your fishing...thanks, Stephen
(3/26/03) Hey, my name is Chris Pack I have a tournament on Guntersville this Sunday can you tell me the conditions of the lake and how bass are being caught? I am from TN and fish this lake every year didn't do to good last year, could use some help names of creeks and coves fish are being caught in would help alot I have a map. Types of lures fish are being caught on would also help. Please e-mail me back thanks. Chris
(3/17/03) My buddy and I are thinking about heading South next winter to do some fresh water fishing. What are the conditions for fishing, weather, etc. on Lake Guntersville in February and March? We've never been there so any suggestions you might make would be appreciated. We'd be coming down in an RV. 
(3/10/03) This is the best fishing web site I have seen. Thanks for your effort.
(3/09/03) Coming to the big G in a couple of weeks and I wanted to know if anybody has had any luck with using Zoom Brush Hogs. Also wondering what part of spawn do you think the bass will be in on the week of 3/23-3/30 .Thanks for the time this is the best G site I've seen. 
(3/07/03) Wish every lake I fished had a  site like this.  Makes me feel like I am almost there.  Leaving this morning to come.  Thanks again! Ed
(3/06/03) First off, you have a tremendous website, and I hope it brings you a bunch of business.  I was wondering if you could tell me who rents fishing boats in your area?  I'm looking to rent a bass boat (as opposed to just a jon boat) for a weekend.  Any info would be helpful.  Surprisingly, I'm not having much success. Hugh
(3/04/03) I just want to say you have a great site.  I fish just about all the tournament trail and Appreciate the information you give.  If  I ever have any info.  About lake Guntersville I will send it to you. Thanks Cody
(3/04/03) Just wanted to drop a line to let you guys/gals know this is by far the most informative, well organized site for bass fishing I have ever seen.  Myself and some friends are planning to make a spur of the moment trip to Guntersville from Louisville, Ky this weekend.  Just doing some browsing for info and luckily my browser picked up your site. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will have a good experience this weekend and be back for more!!!!!  Wes
(2/26/03) Jason: Thanks for all of your help and I will make it a point to meet you somewhere on the lake. I did make contact with Brad and told him that you recommended him to me. I will put in at his place and take care of the rest of my business with him. From looking around online there are a few places to stay, from Jameson, Days Inn and Best Western they are all pretty close. I did email Woody's and they should get back to me before I leave. Everyone that has contributed info for me are Grade "A" folks and I appreciate that. This is a directly attributed to your web site and I am going to help with the pop-up donation as soon as I figure out how to do that online. I assume all I have to do is click the area and send a payment through Paypal. I'll get that before I go. Once again thanks and keep the info coming. Sincerely: John
(2/24/03) The site mentions that you can mail out a lake map for $12 and I would be interested in purchasing one. Please e mail me with instructions as to how to do so. We are coming to the lake the fist week in April and I would like to have a map before we get there. Thank you,    Kurt
(2/24/03)  To concern, I would like to order a lake area map that gives depth and contours of lake bottom.  Do have anything like that or know where I may get one? Thank you for your help. Keith
(2/23/03) Great site I just found it, I've not saw anything on this high water we are having as to where to fish, got our Guntersville tournament March 1st down there any help or ideas. Also were holding our 26th annual P>F>H>C> tournament  May 10th on Chickamauga the tournament is to help Birth Defected Children spread the word and come if you can $1,000.00 1st place paying through 5th with lots of door prizes. I fish Guntersville but with all this rain and high water I really don't know where to start. thanks, Alvin
(2/17/03) Hello, I'm an avid angler living in the West Alabama area. I have numerous bass lakes in my area, but really want to take a trip to Lake Guntersville. I want to know if an average angler can catch fish on Guntersville during the winter. I would hate to make that drive and come home empty handed. On the other hand, if you think I can catch some bass during the winter, I'll make the drive. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Harris
(2/10/03) I've wanted to fish this lake for some time now. I'm planning a trip towards the end of March. I picked this time frame, because there will be a big bucks tournament on Chickamauga that weekend. I'm hoping that fishing pressure may be down due to this.
I've found your site most helpful, and enjoyable. The click-able map with locations marked will come in handy. Hopefully I will have a productive 3 or 4 days of fishing when I come. I will send in a report, and if I have any good tips as well.
Thanks for your informative site Paul
(2/06/03) I have a tournament on Guntersville Feb 15th. I have never been on the lake before. I fish Weiss and Neely Henry on a regular basis. I have heard that the lake is full of good fish and allot of tournaments are won over there on a 3/4oz red or Gold Trap. I have never tried ripping a Trap out of the grass before but I am sure I can handle it. I am primarily a Jig fisherman. I just don't want to get my tail waxed by a rattle trap fisherman. Can you help?
(2/05/03)  Jason, I just recently discovered your sight and I am very impressed with it. I am a Scottsboro native but now live in the Huntsville area. I wanted to let you know about a new tournament trail that is coming to the area this year and see if you could post it on your sight. It is the Bass Anglers Invitation Trail aka BAIT. The Alabama Division II has all of itís tournaments excluding the classic on Guntersville and the director is Brad Yates who runs Goosepond Tackle & Grill. Myself and one other friend are will be assisting him with running the tournaments so I am trying to help him get the word out. Information can be found at the BAIT website www.baitinc.com . I am going to distribute flyers to various locations around Huntsville tomorrow. If you could put this information on your website it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
(2/01/03) I am having trouble registering with your site...I really like what you have put together and would like to join in on the talk...thanks   Freddie
(1/29/03) Sir, I will be fishing the DOD tournament in March.  I live in Florida and was wondering if you could share any tips about the lake in March.  Also, when I get up there, where do you recommend I could get a good map.  I read almost all your tips from your web page but any other information that you could provide would be appreciated.  Thank you for you time,  David,
(1/24/03) I will be coming down to fish Guntersville lake this April . I was wanting to know which part of the lake is the best fishing at about April 20th . are the fish on the beds or have they already came off the beds . i am from Va. and our climate may be different from yours. if you could help me out and suggest a area to fish  and a area to stay at for a few days. any help you can provide me would be helpful to make my trip a great one . we are going to fish dreamlike lodge in Livingston AL , and wanted to fish another lake for a few days . we looked at a few lakes and thought your lake was the best choice.            thank you johnny
(1/16/03)  I would like a fishing map of Lake Guntersville  If you please tell me how to go about obtaining one. Thanks Justin
(1/16/03) Good Day, Wondering if you could point me in the right direction on where I could get my hands on a good laminated fishing map of Guntersville.  I'm fishing the Armed forces tournament there and just trying get some good spots.

Thanks in advance & tight lines 

(1/15/03) Hi, I am from Missouri and I am fishing the DOD tournament on Lake Guntersville at the beginning of April 2003.  I was wondering if there are any lures or special considerations that I need to take in mind for this time of year.  I have never fished in the south so I would consider myself a beginner down there.   If you could make any suggestions I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jeramy
(1/14/03)  Like many others, I too am very impressed with the information you've put together.  I am also disappointed that the Chamber has no affiliation with your site.  This is the kind of information fishermen (especially those not familiar with the area) want and need.  If you help them catch fish, they will come back.  If they come back they will spend money. I hope your sponsors understand the value you are bringing! 

Question: The old Mac's Landing / Covenant Cove is not on your list of places to stay.  Is there a particular reason?  We're coming in April and they have availability on the lake side.  Are there better places to stay?  We've typically stayed at the Holiday Inn, but like the idea of being able to leave a boat in the water.  Stayed at Ossawintha once.  Looking for advice if you can provide some.

(01/02/03)  I plan a trip down your way come spring or summer, which will be the best months or weeks.........for bass and or crappie ?? Ray 

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply: I would suggest April - June as the best bet.

(01/02/03) I was excited when I learned of this web site today, because I love fishing Guntersville, but the excitement was short lived. There are 15 to 20 of us here in the Mid-Ohio Valley area that fish together on Lake Guntersville, and we have quite a time when we go. Problem is, we live in WV
and Ohio and usually only get down one week or so a year; so having good, up to date information really helps us out when we decide to come down. And there's where the excitement factor comes in. One of the first things I read on your site was "We are taking great pride in keeping this
Guntersville Lake Information up to date." That was music to my ears because, needless to say, because I've found several other good sites that
soon failed to keep their site up to date, and therefore the site became quite useless. And, once again, my enthusiasm dwindled when I scrolled down
to find that you had not updated your Fishing Information since 9-27-02 nor the Water Levels & Conditions  info since 11-12-02. Very disappointing. Do you have any immediate plans to recharge your site, or have you lost interest? If you've lost interest, I'll not bother telling the guys in my
club or the other guys that come down & fish with us about this site. I'll keep searching for a complete site instead. Please let me know of your intentions. I'd really like to see you keep this site up, because it is structured well and it would be a boon to
all visiting fishermen who accessed it, if the information was current.
Thanks for your time,

Fishing Lake Guntersville's Reply:  Well first of all, thanks for your e-mail. You may not have noticed that we displayed Big Changes after the new year. I have spent many hours overhauling the web site. It is just not done yet. I do the water updates only from what I see when I go to the lake myself. I did slip over there yesterday so I am adding a short water update now.
 I did take the holidays off from fishing since family is more important this time of year. We have learned that there is really little interest around the holidays, even that boat ramps were practically empty.
If you do continue to drop by our site you will see the new site soon and I do hope it helps you. You will find we do keep it very well update from February till December most years. We do take great pride in helping people enjoy this lake but on the other hand we only post from experiences and to do so without having been is not fair. We have a great following and we do not take this lightly. Sorry to disappoint you so far. I have not lost interest, only trying to make it much better. Please continue to drop in!!!



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