March 4,2018

The fish Stories. Talk about the way you caught them and lures used. Lure pics are very nice if you used something off the wall.
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March 4,2018

Postby JoeJMD » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:19 pm

Fished from 2-6 pm. Beautiful day, high about 65, slight breeze from the N. Water level was 594.6 and dropping, was 595.1 yesterday. Water temp was 54-56, pulling about 135,000cfs. main lake pretty stained, back waters not bad at all.

Started fishing main lake hump and bar between 2 coves, with a red rattle bait and red DT 10, no bites. Fished a east bank leading into a large pocket, and a hump just outside another, with lipless, 3/8 ox black blue chatter bait, no bites.

Moved over to Alreds area fished some points there, and bank leading to a spawning pocket, and island, etc...all with the same lures and green shad DT6, 1/4 oz red lipless. No bites.

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