First Trip of the year...

The fish Stories. Talk about the way you caught them and lures used. Lure pics are very nice if you used something off the wall.
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First Trip of the year...

Postby JoeJMD » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:16 pm

Haven't had the boat in since the end of November. And we have had some winter since then...

Fished from 2-4:30 today, put in at Browns. Very nice day, high around 59, mostly sunny, slight breeze from the SW. Water temp a frigid 38-40, still some ice in backwaters and on the rip rap after the hard freeze earlier in the week. Shad kill in progress, never seen so many gulls flying in and around Spring Creek.
Mostly just fished the riprap, a few humps and points at mouth of Alreds, with underpin, DT10 and 2 lipless, shad and red colors.No bites. Eelgrass about like you would expect it.
The lake will fish different this year with the hard winter killing some shad and the shallow grass much more than last years mild winter...

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