Lake Nickajack 23 Mar 2011

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Lake Nickajack 23 Mar 2011

Postby MSBG Jake » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:17 pm

23 Mar 2011 –Lake Nickajack – I was joined again today by a father and son team, Don (TBF National Tournament Weight Master) and Jody Linder for a pre-tournament action and fish catching on Nickajack. Water temps started out at 56.8 and by the days end we found some 64.6 in a few coves. We fished the mid-lake using rattle traps, square billed crank baits, Zoom Speed worms, Tightline Jigs, chatter baits and t-rigged Mega Craws. The guy’s absolutely “WACKED’EM” catching a total of 55 Bass, lots of good keeper fish in the 2-3 pound range and 10 fish in the 4-5.5 pound range working jigs, worms and mega craws for the most part. The vast majority of fish we caught today came from 3-10 FOW. This was the best day of the year so far without a doubt. It was just a great day on the water with the bass are in a pre spawn pattern and feeding. Nickajack is in full swing and is a pleasure to fish! I have to add that at least 3 boats (all local guys) that watched the guys catch fish most of the day and not once did they even move towards us nor did they move in on the location we where fishing as we moved off to the back of the flat, thanks to those anglers for a great display of sportsmanship it was refreshing to see and have clients notice it as well! With that said I want to say a huge thank you to my fellow local anglers. I have few days available in April, May and I’m already booking June! We supply all fishing gear, lures at no additional cost you and 110% dedication to making your trip successful. Make your reservations now for some great action on Guntersville and Nickajack. “Let’s go fish’ in”
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